15.20 | 9. August – 14. August | DANCEBASE

Image: Ingrid Bugge

***** ”The production is a summary of the unconditional, wonderful first love, that unfolds an expressive physical power, direct humor and tender romance” 


”Very inventive, very fast-paced, very funny and very clever.”  


The greatest love story ever told as a touching, fast-paced and humorous performance. 24 scenes, 24 life grips, 24 detours and 24 celebrations to the many expressions and endings. A vital dance universe filled with sweat, soil and raw energy. Every time in a new and surprising way. Ungraceful the brutal way. In our hands the magnificent Shakespearian unfolds into worms dancing, sumo wrestlers in love, a choir of gardeners and tender ballet in wheelbarrows. Never has so much life come out of playing dead! 


Our artistic project is under eternal development and carried by curiosity and the urge to explore the unknown and untried. We at Asterion’s House are especially known for our very physical and experimental interpretations of the great tales. We go our own ways with Homer’s Iliad, Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth and our performances are a mixture of the encounter with the great narrative and our personal interpretation. We love pathos as much as humor. We love whimsical patina and raw poetry.