Where: ZOO Southside

When: 16.30 | 13. – 18. August

Duration: 1hr

Powerful piece exploring love in times of war in Europe by Award winning dance company.

Powerful performance exploring love in times of war in Europe, transcending Romeo & Juliet’s classic narrative, offering an enriched perspective and examining the complexity of human relations. Featuring three loving couples in diverse stages of life, displaying the artistry of four terrific dancers and two outstanding musicians.

At the heart of the performance lies the music, a dynamic blend and live execution of motifs drawn from prominent compositions associated with the story. Featuring works by Prokofiev, Mancini, and Gounod, the music underlines the universal theme of profound love and the cruel intrusion of death.

Internationally acknowledged dance company from Denmark whose shows are created by means of its unique Obstruction Tecnique. Granhøj Dans is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and has through the years presented its productions in over 50 countries, and attained numerous prizes and rewards.