MEET THE NORDICS at the Southern Bar

Industry event – by invitation only

When: Tuesday, August 22 · 3 – 4pm BST

Location: The Southern Bar 22-26 South Clerk Street Newington EH8 9PR

Meet the Nordics at the Southern Bar – the purpose is simple: To meet and talk about our joint passion for the arts – and whatever comes up in the cracks of everything in between everyday life and high spirited visions. The atmosphere is casual. We only ask you one thing – to speak with at least two Nordic colleagues during your stay. Pixi guide to ‘hi’ is: hej(DK), hej(SE), hei(NO), hæ (IS), hei (FI).

Since 2018 the Nordics at the EdFringe have invited to get-togethers – always in a casual spirit.

Kind regards

Malou and Hongija (From Start to Finnish), Sára and Karen (Wildtopia – the producer of #DANISH)

We encourage you to catch a Nordic show before and after the event.