Meet The Artists – from Taiwan and Denmark

The Taiwan Season Symposium 2023 in Edinburgh (see below) will be followed by a Meet the Artists: From Taiwan and Denmark lunch co-hosted by Taiwan Season and Wildtopia, producer of the #DANISH showcase. In a time where breaking down barriers between different parts of the world is crucial for keeping our minds open, we present you with an opportunity to meet the artists behind eight productions from the East and West – Taiwan and Denmark.

Venue: British Council Industry Hub at Dance Base (it is a partnership between British Council and Dance Base)
Date: 18. August, 2023
Time: 12:15- 13:30 (GMT)
Food: We welcome you with Tea & Coffee, some light Taiwan Season street food, and Danish chocolate snacks.

To get in tune with the vibes, we recommend visiting the Taiwan Season’s 10th Anniversary Symposium: Challenges, Achievements, Change on the same day before this event on 18th August, 10:30 – 12:00 at Dance Base. Check-out the sign-up link here.

#DANISH at EdFringe 2023