MASS EFFECT by Himherandit Productions at Summerhall

Pushing past the limit!

12.55 | 15-26. August | Summerhall

#DANISH special event before MASS EFFECT @Summerhall on 15. August

“a celebration”
The Scotsman

“Uplifting and humanising”
The Stage


“ode to being alive”
The Guardian

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Photo: Christoffer Brekne / Signe Sandvej

Mass Effect is an award-winning, high-intensity performance. Together, the cast push their physical limits, deal with exhaustion, motivation, and group dynamics. Spatial patterns carve out complex running formations and team collaboration becomes key, as they push to the limits of their physical thresholds, moving beyond exhaustion. Members of the local community join the stage in the end of the performance. Pumping up the energy to offer that last push to keep going, filling the theatre with an energetic pulse and a total Mass Effect. A tremendous spectacle that fills the room with vitality and joy.

About HIMHERANDIT Productions

HIMHERANDIT are an award winning performance company led by the artistic vision of Andreas Constantinou and are one of the leading Queer Art Companies in Denmark. HIMHERANDIT’S artistry fluctuates between genres of performance art, physical theater, immersive theater, dance and large-scale video installations. The company develops projects that push, provoke, and engage audience into discourse around often difficult to approach social subjects. Over the course of the last ten years the company has supported the development of queer art in Denmark with professional productions, community engagement projects, The GENDER HOUSE Queer Art Festivals and most recently the opening of Q&A Studios – Queer Art Studios Aarhus, which is both home to the company and a residency center that supports local, national and international queer art makers.