SENSUOUS GOVERNING by Sisters Hope at the Danish Consulate

An immersive and otherworldly journey into the governing structures of our society.

15.00 | 4-20. August | The Danish Consulate in Edinburgh

#DANISH special event – Poetic Midnight Ritual with Sisters Hope on 8. August

If the Sisters Hope were running for world government I’d vote for them tomorrow.
Broadway Baby

Utterly immersive and surprisingly touching, this performance by Danish company
Sisters Hope is a masterclass in reality-bending theatre
The Scotsman

The Arts Desk

“Weird in an interesting way”
The Stage

It has forever changed the way I view art.”
IDOART about Sisters Academy

One of the wildest performances in Danish theatre history ever”.
Politiken 23/9 2022 about Sensuous City

During the manifestation, you will explore your poetic self – as well as hopes and dreams for a potential future society called Sensuous Society. A new world where everything is governed by the principles of the aesthetic dimension. During the manifestation, you will meet several of the Sisters Hope performers who will guide and facilitate you on your journey.

About Sisters Hope

Sisters Hope is a highly acclaimed and award-winning Copenhagen-based performance group and movement spearheading a new way of performance artwork inspiring generations to come. Their work unfolds at the intersection of immersion, intervention, activism, and research. In their immersive performances, they explore different aspects of what they call a Sensuous Society– A potential new world arising from the post-economical and ecological crisis.