HARVEST by recoil performance group at ZOO Southside

A contemporary and a neoflamenco dancer. Soil and grass. The notion of working body across agriculture and dance.

18.30 | 4-19. August | Zoo Southside

#DANISH special event before dance performance HARVEST at ZOO Venues on 7. August

The vibrations activate the entire room and can be felt by the audience, which almost become part of it. Hilde and Jossette impress with their incredibly controlled and highly expressive movements and gestures...harmonious perfection.”

Hilde Sandvold and neo and flamenco-trained Jossette Reilly are both highly skilled,
and watching them dance delivers moments of intricacy and beauty

The Scotsman

“gloriously bone-shaking”
The List

Photo: Søren Meisner

“A strong dance piece”
Anne Middelbo, Information

Two amazing and musically very different dancers
Mette Garfield, Bastard Blog

A piece that explores the working body across two seemingly distant sectors: agriculture and dance. How do we humans shape and cultivate nature and how does a trade shape us? What is it to cultivate a body?

In HARVEST two performers from different traditions, a contemporary dancer and a neo-flamenco dancer, embody these questions while they work with soil and grass. Co-produced with the music ensemble Rums of Resonance, a special technology which transforms solid surfaces into resonating speakers will allow audiences closer to the stage to feel through their own bodies a soundscape made of agricultural industrial sounds transformed into musical composition.

About recoil performance group

recoil performance group was founded in 2005 and led by its Art. Director Tina Tarpgaard. It works with choreography and cross-disciplinary projects. Tina was awarded the national Danish performing art Award (REUMERT) for Dance Performance of The Year in 2010 and 2012 and was nominated in 2014 and 2018.

“The direct interaction between the dancer and the scenographic elements in which the choreography exists has been a consistent interest in the works by recoil. Our interest is to create choreographic work that includes all elements present on stage, regardless of its presumed function”.
Tina Tarpgaard